ERL13: E-resources, e-reality

In this session, Jennifer Bazeley from Miami University Library and Nancy Marie Beals from Wayne State talked about some free/low-cost tools librarians can use to help manage e-resources.

At Wayne State, the loss of staff and increase in e-resource work meant they needed better tracking systems. Project management is a priority. They use Transfer Alerting Service from UKSG to get updates about journal transfers and Trello for project management.

Miami University also had staff changes, as well as issues with communication. They wanted a good place to store their e-resources admin info to make usage gathering simpler. They also switched to a new ILS, which had some unexpected results  and needed tools to help. They use PBwiki for documentation, LibGuides for communication (with RSS tools, Google docs and forms), KeePass Password Safe for login information, and PDF creator to help format wonky fund report from the new ILS. They made weekly PDA usage reports into Google spreadsheets that were then embedded on the LibGuide so that public service staff can keep up to date. An embedded Google form also allows staff to report on e-resource access issues.

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