Advice for new college students

It’s almost September, which means the start of the school year and lots of baby students coming to campus. My favourite time of year, honestly. It’s a good thing I got into academic librarianship and can relive the back to school fun every year.

I saw this post about advice for new college students, and I like that they mentioned the library and librarians:

That big building with all the books? It’s a library. You should find it relatively early in the semester. Yes, it’s a great place for an afternoon nap, but if you wander around a bit, you’ll find other useful things. You may think librarians a bit meek, but college librarians are better prepared for the zombie apocalypse than anyone else on campus. If you walk up to one and say something like, “Y’all ain’t got no books about this Shakespeare dude, and my research paper is due in an hour,” you will wish—no, beg for actual zombies to rip you apart but they won’t because, as the nice librarian has subtly insinuated, zombies want brains and you obviously have none. Be kind to the librarians and they will be kind to you. They know things you need to know.

We try to be less snarky when promoting our services, but sometimes snark helps.

And yes, we do know how to survive zombie attacks — they teach it in library school (well, sort of).

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