ERL 12 – Moving from PDA pilots to sustainable programs: making data-driven decisions

  • CSU Fullerton
  • PDA as a way to stretch limited funding
  • trial with EBook Library
  • 24 hour STLs, 3 loans then next use triggers a purchase
  • 5 minute trigger for loan? quite short
  • any STL over $25 would be mediated
  • did not advertise EBL, but librarians promoted ebooks generally
  • $20,000 budget for pilot, $6,000 spent in first semester
  • Data? Types of transactions, cost, bib info, subject classification (Dewey), number of downloads
  • Data-driven decisions: refined profile (excluded publishers and keywords), updated procedures, purchase after 5 loans instead of 3, tried to negotiate longer browse period (5-7 minutes), increased funding to $30,000 after first fiscal, initiated YBP EBL DDA with electronic slips (current print book vendor)
  • What do you do when you run out of money? Suppress the records and keep them for next fiscal? They were given additional funding and haven’t had to worry about this yet BUT they did go through $30,000 pretty fast in the second year

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