Part-time work in the library world

Great post up at In the Library with the Lead Pipe about working part-time as a librarian:

For many, accepting part-time temporary work is the decision to be a librarian. I fear that many individuals feel they don’t have a choice but to accept and be grateful for any library-related job opportunity that comes their way. As a result, individuals work several part-time temporary positions, struggling to balance numerous jobs and life.

Yes. And:

Another disadvantage that has been discussed in the literature is exclusion from the work environment (Wamsley, 2008; Maxwell, 1997; Gover, 1994; Pontau & Rothschild, 1986; Anderson, 1995; Braudy & Tuckerman, 1986). As a part-time temporary worker one might not be well trained to know  library policies. Moreover, individuals may feel disconnected from coworkers by not being invited to participate in meetings, institutional and department decision-making (Anderson, 1995)…

I’m currently working full-time, but it’s contract work with a definite end date. I’m interested in the projects that I’m working on, but I definitely feel that I could be doing more if I had more of a place within the library. Other staff have said to me that they are sure I could get a lot done in my time here, but that there is no point in training me to do anything when I’ll be leaving at the end of March and the library should work on getting additional permanent staff and training them.

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