Getting that first librarian job

There have been a billion blog posts in the library world these days, mostly of the “keep plugging away! make sure your resume has no typos!” variety, and honestly, as a recent grad looking for a job I find that extremely unhelpful. Considering the number of applications I’ve sent out and the number of interviews I’ve had (the ratio is not good), that kind of post makes me feel like it’s all my fault that I can’t find a job. Who knows, maybe I’m not as awesome a candidate as I think I am, but it seems like many of my fellow grads are having just as hard a time finding a full-time librarian gig.

I’m currently still employed within a library, but not as a librarian. I know several MLIS graduates at this library who have also stayed on for a couple years in a paraprofessional position. Is it damaging to our careers to have these paraprofessional library jobs? One of my coworkers (a librarian) described it to me as “lost time”. I know other academic librarians who consider anything but a librarian position at a mid to large academic library in the country you’re looking for work in to be essentially worthless on your resume. Obviously I’m pleased to continue being employed while I look for a full-time professional position, but I am curious as to how other librarians and libraries view this type of work experience post-MLIS.

(Incidentally, I am looking for a job. Anyone know of any entry-level technical services jobs? Anyone? Bueller?)

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